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Hi, I’m Göran Bakken and I’m a software tester. I live and work in southern Sweden. In 2008 I started my career as a software tester, and it was fun. GöranProfilBild
A colleague of mine told me “I’m going to be the best KU in the world.” (KU was the company internal name of the, in my opinion, most boring position you could have). I was really inspired by his commitment and replied “Then I’m going to be the best tester in the world”… Not really knowing what I was getting into…

I started reading books and a got certification in software testing. A couple of things astounded me, how little people who worked as testers actually know about testing. I also noticed that the testers with certifications seemed to be better software testers (I later learned that the reason was that they wanted to improve, the certification was only a not very helpful side-effect). Secondly, testing seemed to be quite simple, there were step-by-step instructions that you could follow. And since I knew a lot of words about testing and sounded confident when speaking of testing people started to turn to me for advice about testing. But something was wrong, the things I’ve learned did not fit into my everyday testing. People needed other information than what I learned from books. There was not time to do things according to the books. I did not do the things I’ve learned, I felt I was cheating… But everyone around me loved my work… How could they?

In 2010 I went to a seminar called “Beyond Test Cases” held by James Bach. From this moment I knew that I was far from being a great software tester but I was more motivated than ever to become one.  I stared to read different material produced by testers belonging to the context-driven-testing school. And in 2012 I attended the conference Lets-Test and got even more inspired to become great. To meet and discuss with so many brilliant people was just amazing.

I had taken the first step, I had overcome incompetence. I know knew that there was a lot more to learn about great software testing than to learn a step-by-step procedure and trying to get it to fit.

If you want to become a master chef you just don’t learn recipes, you improve you skills. And I am fascinated of all skills that are required to become a truly great software tester. And my work and hobby is to improve them.

I currently work as a test consultant at House of Test. For me, it’s the perfect place to become a better tester.


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