Perfect software and other great books about testing

I just finished to read “Perfect software and other illusions of testing” by Gerald M. Weinberg. This book is highly recommended in the context-driven testing community.  I had high expectations, but I am happy to announce that the book fulfilled them all. I read the book in a couple of evenings and have probably only understood a very little part of it yet. But the book is full of interesting concepts and is written in a way that you just want so read on and on… I hope to read this book many times…

Jerry has great offers of leanpub bundles right not. This book is included in “The Testers Library“. It consists of the books

  • Perfect Software and Other Illusions About Testing
  • Are Your Lights On: How to Know What the Problem Really Is
  • Handbook of Technical Reviews (4th edition)
  • General Systems Thinking: An Introduction
  • What Did You Say?: The Art of Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • More Secrets of Consulting: The Consultant’s Tool Kit
  • Becoming a Technical Leader
  • The Aremac Project

I’v started to read the second book in the bundle and it’s as interesting as the first. This bundle of e-books are now available for $49.99 which so far seem like a bargain.

I actually bought several bundles now when they was discounted. A total amount of 29 books. And I am really exited to read them all… And I could probably do that in a month… But just reading books is not,for me, an worthwhile activity… learning from books is… So these books will probably last decades…

Actually, solving my problem with desiring these books by purchasing them, crated a lot of new problems for me. Fortunately, the second book in the series is about solving problems… First of all I need to figure out what the problem really is… which I’v learned is a very challenging task…